Paul Hargreaves

Paul Hargreaves is a well-known character within the speciality food world for both for his insightful views on the sector and general business “know how”.  Paul’s blog “Speciality Bites” is widely read by retailers and producers alike, and he is often asked to contribute to debates and articles within the industry. His background includes an M.A. in Zoology and 10 years working in the charitable sector in inner-city London. He became involved in the Bala Children’s Centre seven years ago, as a way of giving back to the wider world community.  Since then Cotswold Fayre has become the key partner in starting business projects in Kenya associated with the children’s centre with the goal of making the centre completely self-sufficient for its day-to-day running costs.


Paul is the Founder and Chief Exec of Cotswold Fayre Ltd, a speciality & fine food wholesaler supplying nearly 2,000 retail outlets throughout the UK.  The business grew from the cellar of his house in London to become the leading wholesaler to farm shops and delicatessens in the UK.  The company’s ethos of working in partnership with its suppliers makes it the most sought-after wholesaler for the many new brands launching in the sector.  


Cotswold Fayre has been certified as a B Corporation since 2015. B Corps are companies that meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance and will become the “listened to” voice of business in the future as many realise that capitalism as we knew it is dead and the best objective of a business is to help change the world for better.  Paul has had a book published recently on purpose-driven business called ‘Forces for Good’.

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Talk Titles

Creating a Lasting Leadership Legacy

How do you want to be remembered in business by others?  Someone who has done well for themselves or someone who has done well for others?  It is the latter that tend to leave a lasting legacy and in addition create more personal fulfilment and happiness too!


Being a compassionate leader

Love, kindness and compassion were not words that used to be used in a business context.  In the 21st century it is the leaders showing and feeling love for people and planet that are growing the most successful businesses and organisations.


Creating Businesses that are Forces for Good

Businesses that are simply in existence to make money for their share-holders and owners are failing.  Even the Financial Times in Sept 2019 declared on its front page, “Capitalism: Time for a Reset”.  Those businesses that have a purpose beyond making money are now the

successful ones. Paul will show you how.

Other titles are available upon request.