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It's not all about the money!

Putting People and Planet Before Profit

In this keynote Paul will tell you are series of stories. Stories, from his own business and others across the UK, that will demonstrate to you how prioritising positive social and environmental impact can deliver faster growth and higher profitability, when compared to those that focus purely on profit.

Business Heart Surgery

Leading with Compassion and Love

In other words, “put down the spreadsheets and give me a hug.”  Paul will show how today’s successful leaders are learning to lead with love and compassion and sometimes tears. Listen to how vulnerability in leadership creates  empowered people and better business.  Your delegates will go away inspired and energised to lead with compassion.

From Scarcity to Abundance

Changing Business Mindset

Business for too long has treated people and planet as resources to be extracted from to fuel growth, but there is a better way.  Paul will inspire  those at your events to act with extraordinary generosity and focus on being extravagantly generous to their workers, communities, and the environment, helping those attending to change their mindset.

The Future of Leadership is Feminine

For far too long masculine qualities have been seen as better for leadership roles.  And look where that has taken us!  A planet that is degrading and more social inequality than at any other time in history.  Through his own journey from an overly masculine leadership to a more balanced one embracing femininity, Paul will show you how to lead with more femininity - and that applies to all genders.

The Key to Success & Happiness

Despite being digitally connected more than ever; we live in an increasingly disconnected world.  As a community mammal we are ‘designed’ to connect to each other and to nature and ourselves.  Paul will show you how to work on these three connections and help them improve their mental health, their fulfilment, happiness, and their success.


Half Day Leadership Workshops

Compassionate Leadership Beyond B Corp

Starting with how business has had a negative impact on our world over the past 200 years, Paul will talk about how his discovery of B Corp has transformed his businesses to greater success, award-winning impact, and greater personal happiness.  The five breakout sessions during the workshop will help the leaders present think about what changes they can implement in their own businesses and leadership.

Putting the Heart & Soul into Business

Most of our business activities have been mind-centred.  Nothing wrong with that, but Paul has discovered that if we engage our people’s hearts and souls, not only will we have happier people, but better businesses and we will leave a greater legacy.  Practical habits of how to do this within a business context are explored and leaders will leave with ideas to implement when back in their organisations and companies.

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