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Meet Paul 

Paul Hargreaves has one of the leading voices for many years encouraging and inspiring businesses to be forces for good putting people and planet before profits. 


Primarily he does that through compassionate leadership of his two award-winning businesses: Cotswold Fayre, a food wholesaler and one of the first B Corps in the UK and Flourish – a retail and restaurant business in the South-West.


Paul inspires other business leaders with practical stories and lessons still being learned.  One of the reasons people book Paul is because he is still running successful businesses as well as speaking to inspire others.

A practician, business leader and entrepreneur. 

Unlike other speakers who ‘used to do it’ or have only ever ‘spoken about it’, I have more to offer as I am still highly engaged in changing and growing my businesses for better.  I am a practician with personal stories from my businesses to illustrate every point.  Stories are how people change; they are what people remember after the event and give rise to changed actions. 

Lindsey Charlesworth from People Puzzles

"Thank you for your inspiring keynote at the People Puzzles conference last year.  I have since evaluated my career and life aspirations. Seriously I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes to B Corps and a whole new world of work where people and planet come before profits."


In 2019, Paul published a book called Forces for Good currently in the running for Business Book of the Year.  The book demonstrates conclusively why and how businesses should be a powerful force for positive change in the world.  Forces for Good has been translated into Japanese.  In 2021 he published his second book, called The Fourth Bottom Line on the 50 different characteristics of good leaders.

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